Christmas Sugar Cookie Fudge Recipe (5 Ingredients)

This Easy Christmas Sugar Cookie Fudge Recipe is the perfect dessert for the holiday season. Made with sugar cookie mix, white chocolate chips, and sweetened condensed milk.

INGREDIENTS FOR THE CHRISTMAS COOKIE FUDGE RECIPE - Sweetened condensed milk - White chocolate chips - Unsalted butter - Sugar cookie mix - Festive sprinkles

1) In a medium size pot or medium saucepan, add the condensed milk. Heat over low-medium heat until the milk becomes thinner and warm. 2) Stir in the white chocolate chips and butter until melted.

3) Then add in the sugar cookie mix, batter will be thick and gooey. 4) Once batter is smooth, stir in Christmas sprinkles of your choice.

5) Pour the fudge mixture into the lined baking pan and add extra sprinkles on top of the fudge.  6) Refrigerate for minimum of 3 hours, preferably overnight.

7) Using a sharp knife, slice into 16 or 25 pieces and enjoy! These are the perfect festive treats around this time of year!

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