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10 Gluten Free Sweet Recipes With 10 Ingredients or Less

Whether you’ve been gluten free for years, are only starting out, or you aren’t gluten free and just want a healthy treat, many gluten free dessert recipes can seem daunting at first. Which is why I created this blog post with a round up of my easiest, most popular gluten free recipes for easy access!

10 Easy Gluten Free Sweet Recipes With 10 Ingredients Or Less some are also vegan

Store-bought baked goods and desserts aren’t always guaranteed gluten free, and they often far more processed anyway. You can use these recipes to pass the time during quarantine and brush up on your baking skills! This will also reduce label-reading headaches by making these homemade gluten free desserts! All with ten ingredients or less, most are also vegan as well, they’re guaranteed frustration-free.

1) The Best Ever Gluten Free Fudge Brownies

the best ever gluten free dairy free easy chewy chocolate brownie recipe

Dare I say it, but these brownies taste exactly like boxed brownies. You know the ones with 1700 grams of sugar in them? But you die a little inside with every bite because they’re just that GOOD. Well these are basically identical just with better-for-you ingredients so you still feel good after eating them!

This recipe is no joke the best recipe I may have EVER created, and that’s why it is number one! It is made with only 8 ingredients that you probably already have on hand!  I worked for a very, very, very long time to perfect a gluten free brownie recipe with a beautiful flaky top like this! These are so soft and fudgy (key is slightly under baking), chewy along the edges, and seriously melt in your mouth! MUST HAVE RECIPE!

Get the recipe HERE.

2) Chewy Chocolate Chip Blondies

chewy delicious brown sugar chewy chocolate chip blondie recipe with white and milk chocolate

These Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Blondies are rich and gooey and full of rich white chocolate chips. This easy recipe, which makes classic blonde brownies, are soft and chewy on the inside, and crunchy on the outside. After one bite, I can GUARANTEE you will agree that this is the best blondie you’ve ever tried.

First of all, what are “blondies” you might ask. Blondies are sort of like brownies without the chocolate. These blondies are IDEAL for someone who likes chocolate but doesn’t LOVE dark rich fudge brownies. A blondie is a rich, sweet dessert bar. It resembles the traditional chocolate brownie, but substitutes vanilla for the cocoa used in brownies. They are basically vanilla brownies, if you will. You guys know what they say…. “BLONDES HAVE MORE FUN!”

Get there recipe HERE.

3) 4 Ingredient Vegan Rice Krispie Treats

the best ever vegan rice krispie treats made with only 4 ingredients

Pretty sure rice krispie squares might just be the most underrated baked good of all time! I used to eat SO many of these in elementary and middle school! Anybody else remember the Kellogg’s ones in the blue wrapper?!

After many attempts of the PERFECT ratio of vegan marshmallow to rice crisps, to vegan butter, I think I nailed it! Once I started I could not stop eating these babies! If you like easy, no-bake recipes, this one is for YOU!

Get the recipe HERE.

4) The Best Ever Vegan Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes

easy 7 ingredient delicious vegan and gluten free buttermilk pancakes

Birthday Cake Pancake goals! These super easy gluten free cake batter pancakes are vegan, fluffy, and allergen friendly! There are so quick and easy and contain only 7 ingredients for the pancakes! This recipe seriously tastes like CAKE, and who doesn’t want cake for breakfast?!

The birthday cake icing on top of these pancakes will require additional ingredients, but otherwise these pancakes are SO simple! I eat these pancakes with maple syrup and butter, berry compote and whip cream, sliced bananas and chocolate chips, or melted peanut butter and chocolate. They are seriously my FAVOURITE!

Get there recipe HERE.

5) No-Bake Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

easy delicious chewy no bake chocolate chip granola bar recipe similar to Quaker bar copycat

These vegan, gluten free chocolate chip granola bars are SO incredibly easy to make! They are chewy, no-bake, and put all those store-bought bars to shame.

They taste like “Chewy” Quaker granola bars I had as a kid! (Anybody else binge about 8 of those at a time thinking they were a “healthy” option)? These are perfect to meal prep on Sundays to snack on when you’re craving something sweet throughout the week! PLUS they only take about 10 minutes to make!

The best part about these bars is that they’re so versatile. If you’re not a fan of chocolate chips, swap them out for raisins or cranberries! If you don’t like peanut butter, use cashew butter or sunflower seed butter instead!

Get the recipe HERE.

6) Vegan Key Lime Pie

the best ever vegan key lime pie recipe made with only 8 ingredients

This Vegan Key Lime Pie Recipe is Gluten Free and made with only 9 ingredients, but tastes just like a traditional key lime pie with the same creamy texture and delicious flavours! It is a perfect healthy alternative, and is the perfect dessert for gatherings to really WOW your guests!

Key Lime Pie is traditionally made with Eggs and Condensed Milk. Instead, to make this plant based, we used a combination of full fat coconut milk, cashews, and maple syrup to thicken and sweeten our Vegan Key Lime Pie! I was so happy with the texture of this plant-based version – it holds it’s shape perfectly when cut! The the best part, when your pie crust is finished everything is raw and no bake, so you don’t have to worry about heating up your house in the summer time!

Get the recipe HERE.

7) Gluten Free & Vegan Salted Dark Chocolate Granola

Easy delicious vegan and gluten free chocolate granola with sea salt and chocolate drizzle

I grew up eating boxed granola for breakfast on my oatmeal, yogurt, and fruit. What I didn’t know was that your average cup store bought granola typically contains at least 20g of sugar. That is a LOT. I was on a mission to create granola that tasted just as good as the stuff I ate as a kid, and keep the ingredients clean!

Fortunately, homemade granola is very easy to make, and very easy to make gluten free and allergy friendly. If you’ve never made granola, you are missing out!! It’s as easy as mixing it all up, dumping it onto a cookie sheet, and popping it in the oven. So easy, and SO delicious!

This double chocolate granola is one of my most favourite ways to start the day! Perfect to enjoy with yogurt, almond milk, or as a snack completely on it’s own! This recipe is gluten free, vegan, easy and SO delicious!

Get the recipe HERE.

8) Gluten Free Protein Chocolate Chip Cookies

the best ever easy minimal ingredients gluten free dairy free protein chocolate chip cookie recipe

Have your cookies and protein too with my favourite Gluten Free Protein Cookies! These babies are gluten free, dairy free, and super easy!

When it comes to cookies, I definitely prefer them more on the soft-chewy side. Some people enjoy more cake-like cookies, and some like them crispy or crunchy. Me, it’s alllll about the chewy gooey centers exploding with chocolate!

So when these Gluten Free Protein Chocolate Chip Cookies came out of the oven looking like the perfect texture, I knew we had a winner. And boy, was I right!

Get the recipe HERE.

9) Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie Granola

crunchy chunky homemade gluten free and vegan oatmeal cookie granola recipe

1o Ingredient Healthy Homemade Gluten Free Vegan Granola Recipe! Made in just a few minutes, this crispy homemade granola recipe is made with simple ingredients that you probably already have on hand! Gluten-Free & Vegan gold!

Finding a good gluten-free granola in store that isn’t LOADED with sugar is hard and expensive. This homemade gluten free vegan granola is made with a few simple ingredients, which will save you time and money!

You know how some days you wish it was socially acceptable to eat cookies for breakfast? Well now it is, in granola form. Until this recipe I always had my granola on yogurt, or as a smoothie topper, but I decided to try it STRAIGHT UP with some almond milk and I don’t think I will ever go back!

Get the recipe HERE.

10) 4 Ingredient Vegan Cookies and Cream Ice cream

easy 4 ingredient vegan cookies and cream ice cream that is also gluten free

This cookies and cream ice cream is vegan, gluten free, and each bite is packed with pieces of cookie, so you get a mouthful in every bite! 

It’s so easy and so rewarding to make homemade ice cream. And, it’s almost always healthier, because you really just need 2-4 ingredients tops to make ice cream, and I love that we can enjoy sweet treats without all of the added processed ingredients you find in most store brands.

The consistency is between that of a traditional rich, velvety ice cream and a light sorbet. It’s just wonderful!

Get the recipe HERE.

If you enjoyed this article on gluten free dessert recipes with 10 ingredients or less or have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below!



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